Hi Andrew,

Your Postcode Maps are a brilliant tool for us to set our Sales Territories, this can change so it is great that we can change and customise the Map as we need to without the need for specialist software.

Sue Sawkins
Finance Manager
Jumo Instrument Company

Hi Andrew,
we find this very useful for mapping our services, usually its a pinpoint locator that is used so when looking to show your coverage nationwide this is invaluable.

Best wishes,

Hi Andrew,
Thanks for your email, the post code maps I used are really good for my job and easy to use.
Please keep up the effort.

Kind Regards
Jon Ricketts
Minor Works Manager

Thanks Andrew,
we are using the tool quite a bit across our divisions.


Hi Andrew,
The system really works as you can easily change it- important as staff and territories constantly evolve.
I think it's great!!


Hi Andrew,
I find the postcode system very easy to use with great clarity and a great backup if there are any questions very good useful tool.

Kind Regards
Harland Beesle

Hello Andrew,
Thanks for your email.
I've found the UK Postcode map very useful indeed!

Kind Regards

Hello Andrew
Loved the system and put it good use. Achieved in a few hours what it might have taken someone weeks to do and more accurately. Also very easy to reconcile by post district & code back to our master data.

Hi Andrew,
I am currently reassessing my sales territories and the maps are very easy to use.

Ben Green
Sales Manager
Alfa Laval Ltd.

Hi Andrew
Just what I have been looking for. An easy to use mapping tool that does not cost the earth. Excellent product and support.


Hi Andrew
The beauty of these maps is the simplicity to get exactly what you want very quickly and easily. I wanted to colour code postcodes to create sales regions and it did the job perfectly …. Highly recommended.

Graham Dykes
Managing Director
KE Fibertec

Hi Andrew,
So easy to use and with great results. We are now able to tailor postcode maps for individual accounts as and when necessary with the click of a mouse.  

Mathew Starling
Starlings Transport

Hi Andrew,
I was very impressed by the service and everything worked well. I’ll go back and revisit the site to give you some feedback, (need a few days)

Foremost Solutions Ltd.

Hi Andrew,  
It is proving very useful thank you.

Catherine Bartlett
Regional Teams Facilitator

It is very easy to use and is a great visual aid when presenting information that is otherwise difficult to communicate using numbers only!
Great Value for Money.


Hi Andrew
I have found the product very useful and easy to use and worth every cent.

Craig Whiley
Sales & Marketing Planner
Agents Mutual

Hello Andrew,
Thanks for your email. I have found the maps tool very useful and effective.  It is easy to use, although an improvement would be to have an ‘account’ feature, showing all the maps I have created, and allowing them to be edited, printed, deleted etc. rather than doing it via links.
Another thought is to have variations of shading/patterns for colouring the map, as an alternative to solid colours.

Kind regards,
Tom Carron
Brand Manager

Hi Andrew,
We have found your site very useful and will continue to make use of the UK postcode map for many years to come.

Kind regards

Hi Andrew,
I needed a digital county map, to look at a number of scenarios in the possible restructure of sales areas etc. Previously I had to try and do this using a Word template edited in "paint" etc, with results that did the job, but were not very presentable. The GB Maps are very good, as you not only end up with a very presentable document, but editing and saving allows many different views to be saved/recorded and then reviewed for best outcome.

Well worth the purchase fee.

Lee Russell

Hi Andrew,
The UK Postcode Map Colouring tool as proved invaluable for our sales team and is a quick and easy way from them to map their territory and make changes where necessary.

Managing Director
Estella Bartlett

Hi Andrew,
Quick and easy to use for professional looking results – wish I had found this site years ago! Added bonus to have Andrew to go to for “real person” help and not another database of FAQs like you get everywhere else.

Thank you GBmaps!

Jo Fuller, Milton Keynes

Thank You Andrew
I found your maps very easy to use in my business we are split into regions against post codes so it made it very easy to break up then review and make changes where necessary to evenly split the country into manageable areas with the way we are changing it also allows us to make alterations without having to start again .
Thank you for your support

Andy Hart
Mobile Sites Manager

it's a good system and easy to use.  We regularly have to create maps to show geographic areas we are covering for customers and the tool makes it quick and easy.

Matthew Stansfield
Director. GBB (UK) Ltd.

Hi Andrew,
I found this tool very useful to design and maintain sales area maps. Area’s change regularly based on business requirements and this allowed me to quickly change them without the expense and additional time constraints when using a design agency.

Best Regards
Marc Heath
Head of Sales - UK

Hi Andrew
I find GBMaps.com map colouring tool extremely useful for producing UK sales territories.

Best regards
Kirton Healthcare